Fresh and wild for Anchorage and the Mat-Su.
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We care for our salmon...

with studied, practiced attention to quality above all else. Our modest harvests are live-bled, gutted, gilled, chilled, kissed, and delivered whole to Anchorage* within 24 hours. The timely removal of blood and viscera, combined with instant deep-chilling insures maximum cellular integrity in the flesh and exceptional flavor on the plate. 
We distribute on Tuesdays and Fridays in July and August. 
That's cool. How do I order?
  1. Order online here, or with Melissa by phone/text to (907) 242-4779 or
  2. Evening pick-up time and location emailed on the day. 
  3. Payment on delivery by cash, check, or card. 
*Outside Anchorage? Please contact us directly. We occasionally deliver to Talkeetna and would otherwise love to connect with you. 
SOLD OUT FOR 2018. Thank you for checking in! If you'd like to drop us an email at we'll get you on our pre-order notification list to be sent out next May.